New Flatlanders Administrator

We’re excited to let you know that Flatlanders Inn has a new administrator! Hannah Foulger will be stepping into the 10 hour / week role beginning October 25. This is a key role in the sustainability of our Flatlanders community, providing critical support for the leadership team and helping to keep things in order up there. On the whole it is a slimmer season for Flatlanders with only Jeff and Amanda Leighton living upstairs in a leadership capacity (Andy is still involved but doesn’t live there). Hannah comes to us from St. Benedict’s Table and has a long history with the Vineyard in Cambridge, where she is originally from.

Welcome Hannah!

We invite you to pray for the whole community – that those present would partner with God’s invitations to each of them – that healing, strength and wholeness would come – that God’s Kingdom would advance.

Flatlanders Inn is a diverse and intentional community in Winnipeg’s North End that seeks to cultivate a positive, nurturing, and relational place to live for people who want to get their feet back under them.