New Leaders

Recognizing what the Father is doing and blessing it, is our primary strategy for identifying new leaders in the Vineyard.  Like the old proverb says, “one who thinks he is a leader but has no followers, is merely taking a walk.”  We recognize leaders amongst us precisely because they are already leading.  It’s first about the function, then about the position.  I was a pastor in WCV long before I was called a Pastor (and long before I realized I was being a pastor!).

There are a few people in whom we’ve recently recognized varying expressions of leadership.  Here are those who have newly made commitments towards exercising their leadership gift in the community.

Krista & Cliff HeideCliff and Krista Heide have recently joined the Elder team.  They are now lay elders in the Vineyard and will bring valuable insight and unique perspective to the team as it attempts to follow Jesus and tend to the mission and vision of WCV.  The elder team is comprised of both Lay Elders (Ben & Debra Kelly, Paul & Sherry Ansloos and Cliff & Krista Heide) and the Pastoral Elders (John & Violet Rademaker, Nathan & Kendra Rieger, Jodi & Mike Labun and Andy & Beckie Wood).  The Elder team (both Lay and Pastoral elders) are the only leadership positions which require a membership vote.  This happened at the last Outer Circle gathering where Krista & Cliff were enthusiastically endorsed.

suhail_jenn Shower Photo_150Suhail Stephen
is another whom we are recognizing is leading in a unique way.  He will be stepping from a coordinator role with Drop-in, to a pastoral role.  We recognize that God is doing great things in Drop-in lately through Suhail’s leadership and we’re excited about the future in this regard.  He will be the Drop-in Pastor (he’ll still be directing the School of Justice).  This role is a Pastoral Support Staff role (not a Pastoral elder) and it does have remuneration in the budget (which you can view here).

James & LynelleJames Ryan has been leading the youth for awhile, but we’ve recently made room in the budget to subsidize his work with our youth.  He will be stepping into a Youth Leader role.  We’re excited about the passion and leadership he brings to our youth! James and Lynelle have opened up their home and their hearts to our youth.  Ian Williams will continue to provide youth mentoring and leadership to our Senior Youth.

ANClossAnd finally, Adam Closs has recently made a commitment to the Flatlanders Inn Leadership Team.  We’re excited about the roles and responsibilities Adam will inhabit as part of the Flatlanders community.  The whole team is: Jeff & Amanda Leighton (Amanda is taking a Maternal break), Kelly & Brendan Dvorak, Andy Wood, Adam Closs and Julie Kettle (who is the Flatlanders Administrator +!)

We will be laying hands on, and praying for all these people on Sunday, March 29th.

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  1. I think that you, as a people, have a good deal of wisdom! And have learned how to apply it to practical questions in a spirtually consistent way. And I am glad that Suhail the pastor will be “set apart” as such tomorrow.

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