Sermon Series

For the next few months we’re going to be exploring what it means to have Emotionally Healthy Relationships (EHR). In the Fall we worked through the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) both on Sunday mornings and during Wednesday evenings when we hosted the course. This was a great success.

Where the primary focus of the EHS series was on learning to love God well, this series on Emotionally Healthy Relationship will focus on loving others. It’s the second part of the complete package of what Jesus said were the most important things (Mark 12:30-31).

We’ve got a number of great speakers lined up to help us through this material. We’re praying that God will continue to work health into every part of us – both emotional health and spiritual health – which we’ve learned are inseparable. We won’t be doing the EHR course right now, but are looking at good options for the future (as well as doing the EHS course again).