Reflections on Project Timothy

IMG_5280PT Group-17

We are so excited about what’s happening with the Vineyard youth in North America.  We flew down to PA to participate in a packed week of Vineyard teaching, prayer, prophetic, worship, and more.  It’s the second year in a row that we at WCV have joined in on this adventure.  Not only do the youth grow in their relationship with God but they experience that we are part of something larger.  We are part of God’s story in the Vineyard movement.  We are a global church building God’s kingdom on earth.

Here’s my reflection during our closing night of worship:

Injected with new surges of hope…new inspiration of faith. Growing in faith together with 80 teens from the East US coast and our crew from Canada is life-changing.   Surrounded by youth who are excited to be agents of change in our suffering world as they respond to God’s Spirit, is contagious. They have nothing standing in their way. Seeing these kids model church right out of Acts, restores my hope for humanity.   They’ve been changed, I’ve been changed.   God’s Spirit is calling this generation…they are responding.