Project Timothy Coffee House Fundraiser

Hey everyone, our event is around the corner.  This event is to raise money for Project Timothy, a US Vineyard discipleship bootcamp.  It’s a life-changing event for our youth.  God has used this camp to change lives and transform some of our youth.  Come on out and support them!  We have a group of 10 people from WCV going this year!

  • Saturday, April 29, 7pm

  • Flatlanders Studio (3rd Floor) 782 Main.

  • Tickets available at the door for $10 / person.

PS and bring lots of cash for our amazing gift raffle prizes and 50/50!  Dessert, coffee and entertainment…come on out….

Our kids @ WCV…

God is our Redeemer.  We’ve been looking at Joseph’s life and how God redeemed his life in amazing ways.  He can work through our difficult situations and redeem them!

What a joy to be with the kids upstairs @ WCV;  to see their smiles and feel their energy.

Matthew 19:14 “God’s kingdom is made up of people like these.”  – Jesusimg_6083

Project Timothy youth are back!

We are back! Nine of us just came back from Landenberg, PA where we were a part of Project Timothy;  a US Vineyard discipleship bootcamp. (There are a few in this photo who we sort of adopted and they couldn’t resist joining our team pic)! While there, we participated in teaching, worship, prayer, outreach and more.

We were challenged to be leaders who die with nothing left in our bottles. We get filled up by being at events like Project Timothy. A lot of Christians just want to keep the water. Sometimes there’s comfortability that comes with experiencing this living water. It’s amazing and we want to keep it! As Christian  Dunn stated on Friday, “Jesus didn’t say, I’ve come to give you stagnant puddles.”

We want to live like those Paul talks about in Philippians 2:17…those who are poured out as a drink offering. We can drink living water, get filled up from Jesus (at events like this) and pour out our lives to love Him and others. (Giving to the needs to those around us: the sick, broken, hungry, lonely). “Those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”  John 4:14

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.05.00 PMThere were over 130 leaders and adults (over 100 youth, 30 adults) together for a week. Together we experienced God’s presence. We laughed, we ate, we jumped at sky zone (even me!), we swam, listened, prayed, worshiped, made new friends and renewed old friendships, and we served. Our faith was deepened and our stories have changed. There’s a fresh, bubbling spring within us and we look forward to sharing it!

Look out for the updates for when we will share in Sept.

Thanks again WCV-ers for all your generosity in our fundraisers, your time, and your prayers!



Reflections on Project Timothy

IMG_5280PT Group-17

We are so excited about what’s happening with the Vineyard youth in North America.  We flew down to PA to participate in a packed week of Vineyard teaching, prayer, prophetic, worship, and more.  It’s the second year in a row that we at WCV have joined in on this adventure.  Not only do the youth grow in their relationship with God but they experience that we are part of something larger.  We are part of God’s story in the Vineyard movement.  We are a global church building God’s kingdom on earth.

Here’s my reflection during our closing night of worship:

Injected with new surges of hope…new inspiration of faith. Growing in faith together with 80 teens from the East US coast and our crew from Canada is life-changing.   Surrounded by youth who are excited to be agents of change in our suffering world as they respond to God’s Spirit, is contagious. They have nothing standing in their way. Seeing these kids model church right out of Acts, restores my hope for humanity.   They’ve been changed, I’ve been changed.   God’s Spirit is calling this generation…they are responding.  



Project Timothy – an opportunity for youth

Hey Parents and Youth,

Here’s a reminder as you make your summer plans, to carve out 7 days for your teen to go to Project Timothy, July 31-Aug 7.  
This week has the potential to be a life-changing week for those willing to pursue God and dig deeper into becoming a leader.  Don’t miss it!  My kids were so impacted last year by this week of being surrounded by youth and young adults who were passionate to worship Jesus and expand God’s kingdom in their circles.  (all of this in an environment with Vineyard DNA)
What to do:
  1. Let Jodi know if you can come!  So far I have interest from a handful of youth.  We are prepared for 9 youth and more if possible.
  2. Apply in spring to Project Timothy in Landenburg, Pennsylvania (Vineyard at the Barn).  More info will be sent when it is available.
  3. Continue to fundraise whenever possible.  Begin now to write letters of support to family and friends.  Let me know if you need help with this and I will help via email.  Also, participate in WCV lunch fundraisers (next one is March 15th).
Tuition costs: $250/youth.  This includes lodging and food.  Some spending money can be given in addition if desired.
Approx. flight costs: $500.
Total approx costs: $750.00
Here’s a 3 minute video that captured some participant’s thoughts on why we should join them again this year.  Have a listen with your youth!
Expecting great things from a great God,

Tips from Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Hey families, here’s some encouragment in the daily life of raising up our kids.  Ever feel like you’ve tried it all and right now you are just coasting cause  let’s face it life feels full?  Well, here’s some oil for your tank…

Let’s look at Deut 6:4-9  Moses knew the Israelites were about to go to the promised land and be distracted by the many comforts there.  He felt the urgency when he addressed the community about what to do with the emerging generation.  What did he say exactly?  He said in so many words “Hey community (uncles, aunts, parents, friends), love God with all your heart, soul and with all your strength.  Put these commandments on your heart and tell your kids!”

“Impress it on their hearts”, in otherwords means, get it inside of them!

What?  I can’t imagine adding another thing to our busy, crazy life.  Well, Moses must of thought of that because he gave four ways of “impressing these truths on our kids”.  These four ways are naturally a part of our lives!  They are a part of our lives  because we all eat, we all travel, we all sleep and we all get up again.

1.  When you eat together (try to do this regularly- it’s a beautiful rhythm) Parents role:  Teacher (establish values) Keep the flow natural, fun and interactive.

2.  When you travel (walk or drive kids and teens) Parents role:  Friend (interpret life)

3.  When they go to bed (utilize this intimate time to connect and  pray) Parents role:  Counselor (build intimacy)

4.  When they get up (encouragement – even just a few words, quick prayer)  Parents role:  Coach (instill purpose)

Try establishing this structure into your weekly life…let’s see what happens!

If you are hungry for more of this, get a copy of Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner or borrow mine!



VBS 2014

What if we had a whole community of kids and teens embrace the truth that God’s love is unconditional?  Come and be part of our VBS @ WCV for 5 afternoons July 1-5.    We willl pick kids up around the community and have lunch together everday.  Then we will enjoy 5 afternoons of exploring weird animals as we learn more about God’s love.

Kids ages 5-9 come join the adventure and learn about God’s unconditional love!

Grade 5 to 100 years old:  You can have fun too and we need you!  Plus you will be trained, stretched and have great community!  Sign up under volunteer registration.  If under 18, please indicate.


Register now!  

Cost is $40/child.  Spots are filling up fast – in the past we’ve been at capacity so register now!