Tips from Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Hey families, here’s some encouragment in the daily life of raising up our kids.  Ever feel like you’ve tried it all and right now you are just coasting cause  let’s face it life feels full?  Well, here’s some oil for your tank…

Let’s look at Deut 6:4-9  Moses knew the Israelites were about to go to the promised land and be distracted by the many comforts there.  He felt the urgency when he addressed the community about what to do with the emerging generation.  What did he say exactly?  He said in so many words “Hey community (uncles, aunts, parents, friends), love God with all your heart, soul and with all your strength.  Put these commandments on your heart and tell your kids!”

“Impress it on their hearts”, in otherwords means, get it inside of them!

What?  I can’t imagine adding another thing to our busy, crazy life.  Well, Moses must of thought of that because he gave four ways of “impressing these truths on our kids”.  These four ways are naturally a part of our lives!  They are a part of our lives  because we all eat, we all travel, we all sleep and we all get up again.

1.  When you eat together (try to do this regularly- it’s a beautiful rhythm) Parents role:  Teacher (establish values) Keep the flow natural, fun and interactive.

2.  When you travel (walk or drive kids and teens) Parents role:  Friend (interpret life)

3.  When they go to bed (utilize this intimate time to connect and  pray) Parents role:  Counselor (build intimacy)

4.  When they get up (encouragement – even just a few words, quick prayer)  Parents role:  Coach (instill purpose)

Try establishing this structure into your weekly life…let’s see what happens!

If you are hungry for more of this, get a copy of Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner or borrow mine!