Financial Info Night Summary

We had our annual Financial Info Night a few weeks ago.  If you missed it, we encourage you to pick up one of the booklets at the Info Table.

Here is a brief version (please do see the booklet since it explains some of the numbers and vision in detail):

1. Operations

Offerings        $432,244
30% fund.      $129,673
Other.             $57,020
Oper. Inc.       $360,185

Expenses:    $346,906

Operational Surplus: $13,280

2015 actual expense graph


2. Capital

Designated income $21,512
Mortgage payment  $21,512
Balance.                                0

3. Total Income:


4. 30% Fund:

Income                           $129,673
Balance Forward          $10,361
Total income                 $140,034

Expenses                        $137,494
Surplus fwd                   $2,540
Total                               $140,034

30% fund 2016 expense budget graph

WCV Mortgage

Original Mortgage Amount $866, 826
Dec. 31, 2015 Balance $486, 537
WCV has reduced the mortgage in 16 years by $320, 289
Amount paid in 2015 $21, 512

Financial Report: 2014 Actual / 2015 Budget

Board Of Director’s Comments:

2014 was an encouraging year financially.  We stabilized our income and expenses and exceeded our budgets. Expenses in 2015 will increase $21,500 which is significant. Salaries and ministries are the largest part of this. We remain confident in the ability of the community to support our 2015. Pre-authorized giving continues to increase and be important for our cash flow.

We thank everyone for the sacrificial support.  We acknowledge the faithfulness of God to provide all our needs to build His kingdom this year.

(click image to enlarge Financial Document)

2015 Financial Meeting__