A Surplus of Gratitude

We’ve said it verbally for the past few Sundays but we’ll write it here too, just in case you missed it – 2017 turned out to be another year of amazing provision which we’re humbled by and thankful for.  We even ended the year with a small surplus.  Thank you to those who joined with us in prayer and fasting, and thank you for your generosity in supporting WCV financially.  God always seems to provide for us in unexpected ways through unexpected gifts as well as through regular giving from people like you.  It has been noted before, but WCV is a generous church, both in what we accomplish and the people who are the church – we know that, which is why we never posture our communication to be about “digging deeper”.  Rather, we acknowledge that God is the source of every good gift.  He partners with his people in accomplishing his will.  What each of us does with the money we have is a good indication of our discipleship.  These are all reasons to say “thank you!” to you, and to God, our generous Father.

You can expect a full financial report for 2016 and a presentation of the budget for 2017 leading up to our Annual General Meeting on March 18.  This meeting will be during our regular Outer Circle gathering, but anyone can come.  All members (those involved in the Outer Circle, a House Group or a similar group – more info here) are especially encouraged to come to this meeting.  You can also look for your 2016 tax receipts during the next few Sundays.

Financial Info Night Summary

We had our annual Financial Info Night a few weeks ago.  If you missed it, we encourage you to pick up one of the booklets at the Info Table.

Here is a brief version (please do see the booklet since it explains some of the numbers and vision in detail):

1. Operations

Offerings        $432,244
30% fund.      $129,673
Other.             $57,020
Oper. Inc.       $360,185

Expenses:    $346,906

Operational Surplus: $13,280

2015 actual expense graph


2. Capital

Designated income $21,512
Mortgage payment  $21,512
Balance.                                0

3. Total Income:


4. 30% Fund:

Income                           $129,673
Balance Forward          $10,361
Total income                 $140,034

Expenses                        $137,494
Surplus fwd                   $2,540
Total                               $140,034

30% fund 2016 expense budget graph

WCV Mortgage

Original Mortgage Amount $866, 826
Dec. 31, 2015 Balance $486, 537
WCV has reduced the mortgage in 16 years by $320, 289
Amount paid in 2015 $21, 512

On the Mountain of the LORD – a call to Pray

There’s something powerful and unsettling about recognizing our own inadequacy. Abraham must have felt something of his own inability to provide, as he was witness to the miraculous conception and birth of his son Isaac. Abraham’s firstborn was God’s living, breathing promise – a skin and bone sign that God would honour his vow to make Abraham a father of many descendants. Imagine, then, what must have been going through Abraham’s head as he trudged obediently and perhaps reluctantly, up the mountain for three days to sacrifice Isaac. Was God going to turn back from his promise? Did God really ask this of him? Did he hear God correctly? What was going to happen when they got the top?

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 4.01.49 PMIn the end, God walks with Abraham into his greatest fear and delivers him from it. Instead of sacrificing his son, like other nations around him, God provides. Jehovah Jireh is the name Abraham uses for the LORD when he sees God’s provision in the form of a Ram for the sacrifice.

“On the mountain of the Lord, it was provided for” is what they still say of that event. “On the mountain of the Lord it was seen.” The connection between God providing and God seeing a need is deep. Jehovah Jireh can be translated equally, “God who provides” and “God who sees”. Abraham knew when God sees, he also provides. Whatever was going on in his heart that day, his actions declared, “the Lord will see to it”. This same idea caused the Hebrew people to cry out, “Remember us, O LORD” (Jer. 14:21) and “Hear us, O, LORD!” (1 Kings 8:30). As soon as God remembers, it is provided. As soon as he hears, it is provided. As soon as he sees, it is provided.

In this season, we are joining with Abraham and the ancient Hebrew nation in calling out for our financial provision. We are joining together to ask God to remember us, to hear us, to see us and, ultimately, to provide. We may not feel the same kind of desperation Abraham might have felt as he ascended the mountain, but we are confident we will see provision – that God knows our situation and will hear our prayers. He walks with us into our own inadequacy and meets us there. On the mountain of the Lord it was provided for – it was seen (Gen 22:14). Let it be so in our situation as well!

Please consider joining the Pastoral and Lay Elders as we fast and pray every Tuesday in December.