A Surplus of Gratitude

We’ve said it verbally for the past few Sundays but we’ll write it here too, just in case you missed it – 2017 turned out to be another year of amazing provision which we’re humbled by and thankful for.  We even ended the year with a small surplus.  Thank you to those who joined with us in prayer and fasting, and thank you for your generosity in supporting WCV financially.  God always seems to provide for us in unexpected ways through unexpected gifts as well as through regular giving from people like you.  It has been noted before, but WCV is a generous church, both in what we accomplish and the people who are the church – we know that, which is why we never posture our communication to be about “digging deeper”.  Rather, we acknowledge that God is the source of every good gift.  He partners with his people in accomplishing his will.  What each of us does with the money we have is a good indication of our discipleship.  These are all reasons to say “thank you!” to you, and to God, our generous Father.

You can expect a full financial report for 2016 and a presentation of the budget for 2017 leading up to our Annual General Meeting on March 18.  This meeting will be during our regular Outer Circle gathering, but anyone can come.  All members (those involved in the Outer Circle, a House Group or a similar group – more info here) are especially encouraged to come to this meeting.  You can also look for your 2016 tax receipts during the next few Sundays.