Vineyard Fest! Greetings

Here are a few greetings for our 20th anniversary party from friends far and wide.  Thanks guys!

Robb & Christa Massey

The Masseys are serving on staff at the Brussels Vineyard.  Robb was the WCV Youth Director for a number of years, after which they planted the Vineyard in Elmwood.

Kris & Livia MacQueen

Kris and Liv are pastors at the Cambridge Vineyard.  They were part of WCV’s worship community leadership team.

Cynthia Lees

Cynthia and Colin are from the Kelowna Vineyard.  They were pastors here in the early days.  Colin oversaw the renovations to the 1st and 2nd floors of 782 Main when we first got it.

Brandon Vineyard

The Brandon Vineyard is pastored by Ed and Lynn Creary (who were WCV House group coordinators).  It was planted out of WCV.

Brad Jersak

Brad is from Abbotsford and is a long-time friend of WCV (and brother to Rod).

Jan & Coral Steffen (and Greg Musselman)

Jan & Coral find themselves living again in Kelowna – which is where they moved from to help plant WCV.  They also planted the Brandon Vineyard.  Greg planted Winnipeg South Vineyard (which is now called Village Vineyard).

Sheri McConnel

Sheri works with World Vision in Toronto – she was our youth director.

Violet Rademaker – Multiplying Meatballs

Violet shares a miraculous story of provision.