Ways to Connect & Care – a briefing

Hey Folks,

We want to make sure you’re aware of a few key ways we’re pursuing connection in this time of Covid-19. Be sure to check out this video that highlights a few important items.

Online Connections:

Sunday Gatherings Online – 10am via Facebook Live. facebook.com/winnipegcentrevineyard

Online Prayer Meetings – Wednesdays, 7pm. We will be sending out an email invitation to Zoom (an interactive video platform). If you want to be invited please email the office.

Daily (or semi-daily) Encouragements – We’ll be posting encouraging meditations, thoughts, stories, scripture reading and the like on a regular basis to both our Facebook and Instagram pages. Just another way to be encouraged and foster our sense of connection.

Kids – Dynel Davidson (interim Kid’s Director) will be providing resource on a regular basis to help our kids connect with God in this time. Parents and guardians, watch your inbox for more.

Youth – Dustin Davidson (interim Youth Director) is curating ways for our youth to connect and engage primarily via Instagram. If you’re a youth make sure you follow “vineyardyouthwpg”.


In this time of uncertainty, many needs may arise in yourself, or those you know. We’d like to encourage us all to lean into God and each other. If you’re part of a House Group, make sure you communicate. If you need to talk to someone, or be prayed for, please reach out. The entire Leadership Team is available, and you can always call the office and Vanessa will be sure to forward your request.

If you or you know of someone who has some physical needs, please email the office. We’re keeping track and want to be helpful as and when we can.

A Note about Facebook Live:

I know this is not a “natural habitat” for some of us! A few thoughts to help:

  • Live feeds are accessed at our WCV Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/winnipegcentrevineyard).
  • We’ll always start the Live feed a few minutes before we’re scheduled to start. This will give opportunity for people to find the video feed and jump on.
  • Live feed videos are recorded and left on the page to watch later. If you’re not able to attend live, you can always watch later.
  • Use the comments to interact. One of the primary purposes for us to do this to to provide a space of togetherness and connectedness. Even short simple comments help to do this.
  • If a connection is lost, just wait, and the presenter will be back shortly. If it doesn’t reappear, go back to the WCV Facebook page. If it’s your own internet connection… well, you’ll have to figure that out.
  • On Sundays we will always have two different live feeds – one for the Worship portion, and the other for the speaking portion. When it comes time to switch, the worship leader will give us all a heads up that we’ll be transferring to another feed.
  • We are also exploring using Instagram for a live feed as well. Stay tuned…

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