A New Way Forward – an indigenous perspective & one response to the TRC

I (Andy) have had the privilege providing some leadership to Vineyard Canada’s Engage initiative for the past number of years. When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission came out a few years ago we considered how to respond at both local and national levels. One exciting initiative that has only just come out is a video series we produced called “A New Way Forward”. It is anchored by an interview with indigenous theologian, Dr. Terry LeBlanc and is supplemented by interviews with our very own Nathan Rieger and Sherry Ansloos. The purpose of the series is to explore what it looks like for indigenous and non-indigenous people to walk together in a good way. We hope this series will contribute to understanding and reconciliation in the spirit of Jesus.

A New Way Forward is being posted on Vineyard Canada’s website. Each video in the series is short and contributes to the whole conversation. Here is the intro:

>>Check out the other videos that are currently posted here (more added weekly).

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