From Winnipeg to Nepal with Love

Ok WCV – there are many results from our Nepal Fast, but one of them is that we were able to send $1,250 to the Himalayan Region Vineyards to be spent on food for the hungry.  The team who was there took all the kids out for a special treat of Momos (a perogy style food filled with buffalo, chicken or vegetables).  There were about 15 children – including the boys and girls who live at the church who have been brought in off the street or rescued from pre-child trafficking situations in the mountain villages.  They went to a cafeteria run by one of the church people who used to live on the street with her family.  With assistance from the Kathmandu Vineyard, she has been able to grow  her business into a thriving cafeteria serving the best Momos in Kathmandu (according to everyone at the Vineyard!).  Then on Saturday after church the team and a number of leaders from the Kathmandu Vineyard went down to the riverbed where many destitute families live.  They are squatters and most barely eke out a living.  They prayed for many and handed out bags of food.  These two events cost a little over $100.  The rest of the money will be spent on buying food for people in various situations over the next month or so.  Thanks for giving!

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