Membership, OC & AGM

We want to be a community in which nobody gets left out or left behind.  This means relationship – lots of relationship!  There are many organized venues for encouraging community (think Outer Circle, House Groups, Service opportunities, etc) and there are many organic opportunities (think lunch invitations, parties, farm days, etc).  Both are valuable, however what follows concerns the organized variety…

Every year we keep an active membership roster.  This is partly because we are required to by the government but it’s also a helpful way of keeping track of everyone who wants to be part of the Vineyard in this way.  Currently our formal membership is defined in two ways:

  1. Everyone who is in a Triad in the Outer Circle process.  This doesn’t mean you need to come to the gatherings – but it does mean you participate in the process as outlined here.
  2. Anyone else who is doing something similar to what is supposed to happen in Triads (House Groups are the best example of this).  People who are doing something similar to the Outer Circle will: 1) intentionally and regularly get together with a small group of people, 2) know and be known by those people, and 3) actively engage in spiritual growth as described in our Core Practices.

You can read more about membership in the Vineyard here.

If you haven’t already done so for 2017, please submit your name to the office if want to be a formal member for 2017 as defined above.  Count yourself in!

Our next Annual General Meeting will take place during our next Outer Circle gathering on March 18.  Everyone is welcome to come, but only formal members are able to vote on items that require ratification by the membership.  This year we’ll be presenting our budget for 2017 and our financial report for 2016, ratifying new Board of Director appointments and some constitutional amendments.  We’ll communicate more about each of these items prior to the AGM.