Mercy Reset

Mercy Reset & Activities Update

#1 Food & New Friends Dinner: Church Greenspace Chicken Barbecue, Sunday June 23 @ noon

Establishing Environments to Facilitate Relational Connectivity. This “Food & New Friends Dinner” will be a community event with volunteers and all food provided from the church budget and donors. This is our intentional effort for everyone to mix and eat together with those we can help with resources. This will bring opportunities to connect with new people that we don’t really know. We encourage you to eat beside someone you don’t know, and connect with someone you may be able to help in the coming weeks. The promises of Matthew 25:31-40 will become real as we seek new friendships over dinner.

Volunteers Wanted for:

  • Chairs & Tables – set up & removal
  • Food Prep – we need 20 Caesar salads, that can serve 12, donated – UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who is bringing a salad! We have reached our desired quota!
  • Plate Assembly – We want to serve each person with no line ups. The youth team will help serve all the meals, but we need a few more volunteers for plate assembly.

Please direct your volunteer decision to John Rademaker

>>>Coming Sunday June 9 will be a teaching to envision relationship. “We are all are poor; we all can help.” Everyone has something to give.

#2 Camp Days: Hadashville, July 28 & Aug 25

The traditional after church bus ride and cars in Hadashville is a beautiful time to spend a few hours of food and fun with those who have no other chance to go to the lake, a park or place of beauty. It’s an opportunity to love on each other and find out what you can do to see Jesus in  the poor. We will do a brief spiritual focus prior to the swim. The swim time is the high light for most: canoeing, swimming, staying cool and just plain fun.

#3 Drop-In: Status – No Action Yet 

This was identified as a “Top of the needs” of the Street Parish. They want the time alone in a building, perhaps once a week to start, to hang-out with friends, do Bible study, videos, love Jesus, communion, food. They want to just be a family (valid and important!) This, however, is only doable with volunteers. We also don’t have a pastor to lead this yet. We have to line up free food. We have vision but no takers on making it happen. Staff is pursuing options but without a practical plan. This will be revisited it in fall. When we see a groundswell of volunteers we will get off the ground; we are waiting patiently for that to happen.

Meanwhile the personal friendships will have to carry the challenge.

Please plan to attend where you can!