More With Less Thursday – Less about Allot

The ancient Celts said, “the one to whom little is not enough will not benefit from more.” They understood something about simplicity and savouring the small things. So many in our day and age have lost this perspective. Our fleshly appetites are insatiable and, like baby birds in the nest, they’re only briefly quieted when fed. However, Richard Rohr says that our souls are not fed by adding things but by subtracting things. It’s about laying ourselves bare before the Lord. In fact, Jesus said that we must give up all our possessions to follow him (Luke 18) – that’s subtracting a lot of things!

We have a beautiful model of this subtraction. Of Jesus, Paul says “he emptied himself” (Phil 4). How might God be inviting you to subtract from your life for the sake of your soul? How could you experience more, by doing with less?

One thought on “More With Less Thursday – Less about Allot

  1. I loved the Wednesday evening service, that support during the middle of the week was greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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