More With Less Wednesday – Less about New

Our garbage dumps tell a story. They tell us that our society has an addiction to anything and everything new. Canadians produce more garbage per person then any other country on earth (777 kg / person / year). Certainly there are many reasons for this, but I think one of the contributing factors is our love of all things new – whether it’s the latest electronic gadget, the newest toy, exercise outfit or household gadget. Our landfills tell the story of what’s old and the plastic packaging of what’s new.

New stuff isn’t the only way we get our kicks. Some of us are junkies for new adventures, new experiences, new tastes, or new looks. While these aren’t bad, how about savouring what we do have? How about finding the joy in the small and regular things in our lives? How about a walk in which you are particularly attuned to the song of the returning birds and the smell of the fresh spring air? It could easily turn into a beautiful time of worship for you. As you do with less new, what simple pleasures is God inviting you to explore in a deeper way?

This evening we will meet together for a time of worship and prayer.

7pm at 782 Main.


One thought on “More With Less Wednesday – Less about New

  1. Great posts, Andy! I’m really inspired.

    Wish I could come tonight. I’m leaving for The Pas at 5:00 am tomorrow and behind in my prep. May God richly bless your hangout with him.

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