Nepal Earthquake Update – Tuesday

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Here’s the latest as of Tuesday, 9pm Nepal time.

Gorkha – the Epicentre:

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.04.23 PM

Rice destined for Gorhka. Raju on the right.

A Jeep bearing rice, salt, tarps and blankets arrived in Gorkha Monday night.  It was a treacherous trip because of the rain and road conditions.  They got into an accident but all are ok (the jeep isn’t).  Raju, the pastor of the Kathmandu Vineyard, grew up in Gorkha.  He will deliver these supplies and will hopefully give us news tomorrow.  Nathan says, “I do apologize to the world that the first blankets brought to the region include Hello Kitty blankets.”


Nathan says: “People are starting to wake up to the realities of limited food supply.  We’ve been in shock for three days. But now, the realities of a very broken infrastructure are sinking in. Hoarding, banditry, and panic for supplies are creeping closer.  A well-loaded truck full of rice going to the epicenter is an easy target. Oh God, save this mission of mercy.

Kathmandu Vineyard courtyard

Kathmandu Vineyard courtyard

In Kathmandu the rain has started. It’s feels like the monsoon, but it’s not due for a week. The thunder is so loud that it’s hard to tell by the noise if it’s an aftershock or just the monsoon come early.  And people are only under plastic.  The whole city is under plastic.  The villages sit under plastic. The houses are still unstable with all the cracks gaping holes, and aftershocks… we cannot go inside.”

Where We’re Working:

We are operational in the following locations with Vineyard communities – we’re working with our people and our neighbours:

Kathmandu – Within hours of the earthquake we were feeding and providing shelter to several hundred people.  These activities are ongoing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.17.38 PM

Damage in Chhampi

Chhampi & Kotgaon – Two towns on the outskirts of Kathmandu. High degree of damage but fairly accessible from Kathmandu.  Food and temporary shelter supplies began to be distributed on Sunday.  Locally hired demolition teams are commencing work.

Gorhka – Effectively the epicentre of the earthquake.  A jeep just made it in Monday night.  It was a dangerous drive because of the rain and landslides.  They got into an accident on the way, but all are ok (the jeep isn’t).  Rice and relief supplies will be delivered Wednesday.  Survey and report will be given at that time.

Gadlang, Nessing, Tippling, Goljung, Grai – High mountain villages near the border of Tibet. We are awaiting reports and access.  Currently the pastor from Gadlang is attempting to bring word to Kathmandu.  Only Gadlang has a road in normal circumstances.  The rest are only accessible by foot.  This lack of news is very troubling.

God’s Hand:

People are saying, “because you went to church, you are saved”.  This is literally true.  It also happens that our Canadian team includes owners of a steel company and another company which specializes in demolition.  Both Paul and Darrel are providing critical advice on assessing damage and creating safe models for demolition.  An architect from Germany will be joining tomorrow.  It is a great collaboration between Western expertise and Nepali know-how.

The Widow’s Mite:

Today at WCV’s Drop-In for our street involved and homeless community, there was an amazing time of sharing and prayer.  There is a deep sense of kinship among those who are homeless.  Our Winnipeg street community empathized deeply with our newly homeless Nepali community.  Kenny, one of our long-time drop-in community members, shared about the time he got to go to Nepal (true story!).  An offering was taken and our generous drop-in crowd dug deep into their pockets!  God, Multiply!…


Thank you to all who have given money to this effort.  We will keep the updates coming.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  However, we will not be publishing amounts due to sensitivity on the ground in Nepal.

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Keep praying.  Here are some prayer points.


3 thoughts on “Nepal Earthquake Update – Tuesday

  1. I continue to pray for all of Nepal especially Noel, Nathan, Raju and other leaders. I have been to Nessing and Gatlang and am concerned about the precious people there. God help us all. Bonnie Morgan. Vi eyard Community Church Gilbert, Az

  2. Continuing to pray and give. Ive been to Nessing and Gatlang and Kathmandu. My heart aches. Praying especially for Noel, Nathan, Raju and other leaders as they must care for so many
    God help us all. Bonnie Morgan. Bineyard Community Curch. Gilbert, Az

  3. thank you, Nathan and Andy, who continue to take precious time to keep us updated about current status of relief work in Nepal. Strength and encouragement from the Lord be yours in great abundance.

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