Nepali Fast – Tuesday

Drawing near to God:

It’s quite common to become irritable during a fast.  In a total food fast this moodiness is accentuated.  In our Nepali fast, you may not be having hunger pangs, but you may be craving some more familiar cuisine.  Either way our stomachs really do have a say in how we’re feeling.  When those pangs and cravings hit, let’s use those moments as opportunities to direct our attention toward God and allow him to rule over our guts.  He is the Lord of everything after all.

Drawing near to others:

Momos Nepali Fast

Momos!  This chicken or buffalo-filled dumpling is a popular food all over Nepal and there is a great variety in price depending on where you buy it.  These momos were made at the Kathmandu Vineyard for about 80 rupees (CAD $0.91).  The “new boys and girls” (kids who live at the Vineyard that are from broken families or the street) love momos.  It’s a real treat for them.

The boys head to school.

Pray for the new boys and girls at the Kathmandu Vineyard – that God would reveal his heart to them and heal them from the pain that they’ve experienced, that they’d be rooted and established in His love and feel at home in the Vineyard community, and that they’d have strength to walk into the future and hope that He has for them.