New Elders

We’re excited to report that our New Elder process has resulted in four new elders joining the team!  Rod & Elisa Jersak and Jason & Theresa Eheler are now Lay Elders and will bring valuable insight and unique perspective to the team as it attempts to follow Jesus and tend to the mission and vision of WCV.  The elder team is comprised of both Lay Elders (Paul & Sherry Ansloos and Cliff & Krista Heide) and the Pastoral Elders (John & Violet Rademaker, Nathan & Kendra Rieger, Jodi & Mike Labun and Andy & Beckie Wood).  The Elder team (both Lay and Pastoral elders) are the only leadership positions which require a membership vote.  This happened at the last Outer Circle gathering where the Ehelers and the Jersaks were enthusiastically endorsed.  If you want to know more about being a voting member at WCV, go here.

It may be important to note that this is not a promotion or a position of prestige as the world may view it.  We’ve simply recognized that the Lord has put these four people in our midst, and has called them into serving the body in this way for this season.  We also want to note that being a couple is not a requirement for being either a Lay Elder or a Pastoral Elder at WCV.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this process whether it was through submitting names back in the Fall, talking with us about who you perceived to be elders, praying along the way or voting on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.13.08 PM

The Jersaks in Nepal












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The Ehelers at the Lake