Outer Circle & Membership

We’re postured for another great year with the Outer Circle process.   63 people were involved in 2014.  If you were one of these, please let the office know if you will be in again for 2015.  If you are just joining the Outer Circle for the first time, please let us know.  We’ll need to know if you’re going to be at the first gathering on Jan 17 and who is in your Triad for the year as well.  We need to keep accurate records for a two reasons:

Keeping Track & Planning

We want to know who is participating in the OC so we can plan the gatherings.  But even if you don’t come to the OC gatherings and you are still meeting regularly in a Triad and doing the process, it is still helpful for us to know what’s going on with everyone who calls the Vineyard home.  We are about discipleship and the OC is one of the primary tools we’re using.

By the way, it’s fine if you are part of the OC and don’t come to the OC gatherings for whatever reason (it’s about the relational process and not primarily about the gatherings!).  Just make sure your Triad is meeting together regularly.

WCV’s Formal Membership

The second reason is that the OC (or an equivalent) is WCV’s legal membership.  Every charity in Canada is required to have a membership roster and we’ve chosen to make the Outer Circle ours.  This means that every year, all the “members” need to let us know if they are in for another year or not.  This allows us to keep fresh and updated records of who is tracking with the vision of WCV.  This applies to everyone in the OC.

We have also specified “an equivalent” to WCV’s membership to give room for flexibility to those who are intentionally gathering, getting into each other’s lives and engaging actively in spiritual growth but who aren’t committed to the OC process.  Let us know if this is your case.  You can still be a formal member.

Membership vs Belonging

A quick note about membership – formal membership is a governmental distinction and if you’re not a formal member (participation for this year in the Outer Circle process or an equivalent), then you are still part of WCV.  We hope that’s clear, but we just want to make it very obvious!  Everyone can belong!  (only formal members can vote).

You can contact us with the form below, or just email the office.  If you want a refresher on the Outer Circle Process, go here.



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