Outer Circle Reboot & AGM

The inspiration for the Outer Circle was a result of a prophetic word given a number of years ago. It’s the picture of Musk Oxen who form a protective circle around the vulnerable members of the herd in times of trouble. This is a glimpse of the kind of community God has called us to be. This hasn’t changed. However, the Outer Circle has changed over the years. This year we’re doing a complete reboot. Here’s what it’ll look like:

Three simple words: Transformation, Training and Togetherness.

When we gather we will have a short inspirational training and practice on a particular spiritual exercise. It is designed for anyone in a Triad or a House Group, as well as for anyone else who gets together with others for the purpose of pursuing spiritual growth on a regular basis. Everyone is welcome to any of the gatherings.

Everything that was part of the Outer Circle gatherings and process in the past has changed, except the existence of Triads and the actual gatherings, which will be less involved and more focussed on equipping (and dessert) – keep reading!


Being formed in Christlikeness is arguably the primary task (or result) of following Jesus. While it most certainly involves us, this formation is primarily a work of the Holy Spirit. However it isn’t only about our own transformation. As we grow closer to God we get closer to the heart of God which, at its core, is missional. You’ll never catch God navel gazing! The journey inward will always lead outward. The question is, what do I find on the inward journey and what kind of person will I be on the outward journey? How does my world experience me? Do I bring with me the hope, peace, love and joy of the gospel or am I offering something else? In reality we’re all a mix of both – but the point is we bring who we are. The purpose of the Outer Circle is to focus on spiritual transformation so that we can become the kind of people – the kind of community – that God is calling us to become. This means getting in touch with God, our core desires and longings and watching the process unfold!

 The purpose of the Outer Circle is to focus on spiritual transformation so that we can become the kind of people – the kind of community – that God is calling us to become.


Some of the most basic building blocks of spiritual transformation are practices that have been around many years. A number of us have been exploring some of these practices as a result of our involvement in the Schools of Spiritual Direction – and we can tell you, they’re transformative! At each Outer Circle gathering we will focus on a particular practice, or exercise. We will teach it and then practice it right there together. The purpose is to expose you to a way of being with God that you may not have experienced before. This will be helpful in the moment but will also prove valuable for House Group leaders, Triads, and for any other groups you may be in. They are tools that can be used in other places. Certainly some of the exercises are meant to be practiced alone. These too will produce fruit and will be useful for sharing in Triads and House Groups. Each Outer Circle gathering will have practical resource to take home (experience & hand-outs).


The Outer Circle is a place of connection. Life isn’t meant to be walked alone. Beyond Sunday mornings, people connect in a number of important and life-giving ways. Triads are small groups of people (usually 2 – 4) who regularly meet together to support, care for, share and pray for one another. House Groups are a little larger but have the same basic reason for being. Some House Groups will have a more specific focus than others, but connection and support for the journey are always key components. There are a variety of other ways people connect in WCV. The Outer Circle is a place for these groups to receive encouragement, training and support. The Outer Circle is meant to serve what’s happening elsewhere.

>>What’s Changed?

  • Less involved gatherings (no more meals with childcare).
  • More focussed gatherings emphasizing transformation & training.
  • No more “Prayer, People, Plan process”.
  • No more annual renewal.
  • Don’t have to commit to an annual process.
  • The purpose of Triads is connection and support – not to keep track of each other’s plans.
  • The time (7pm – 9pm).

>>What stays the same?:

  • Triads are still an essential and live-giving way to find connection and support in the Vineyard.
  • Triads and House Groups are still primary ways of belonging in the Vineyard (but not the only ways).
  • The basic vision of encouraging growth remains the same.
  • The day (still on Saturdays).

A Word about Membership at the Vineyard

Membership at the Vineyard is spelled out here. In short it means “Belong, Serve, Give”. Participation in a Triad in the Outer Circle process has been one of the markers of belonging (as has being part of a House Group). This isn’t changing.


>>Saturday, March 10, 7pm – 9pm

  • 6:50pm: dessert & coffee

  • 7pm: AGM – 2017 financial report & 2018 budget

  • 8pm: Outer Circle – Vision and Exercise

NOTE: There will no longer be childcare.