Outer Circle Survey

We are in the process of evaluating the Outer Circle process. We do this each year, often adapting based on suggestions we’ve received or in response to other concerns we foresee. This year we’ve developed a short survey (less than 3 minutes to complete) that we hope will help us plan for the future.

We want to keep the main goal of the Outer Circle clearly in focus:

To foster a culture of intentional balanced growth and encouragement that spills out beyond the Outer Circle to influence everyone in WCV and our lives.

In other words – we want everyone who is part of WCV to become more like Jesus in the ways God is inviting them to! The Outer Circle is like a trellis which provides support for plants to grow. It’s a structure that is designed to support growth in us. Sometimes structures need to be renewed, re-worked or dismantled altogether if they are to achieve the goal of growth.

Your voice and input is important in this evaluation effort and we deeply appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey (3 minutes).

>>If you don’t know what the Outer Circle is, or need a refresher, go here.

Being involved in the Outer Circle and, more specifically, being in a Triad is one of the primary ways membership in WCV is determined.

>>For more on Membership in the Vineyard, go here.


>>Complete Short Survey Here.