Prayer Challenge Day 13: Giving away what we have to others

David not only had the calling of being a king, he had to train others to succeed him. He failed twice in doing this, and the third time had some success with his son Solomon.

As alcoholics anonymous tell us, the 12th step is always helping others to do what we her ourselves have done, however imperfectly.

Today, ask God to help them not only do what God has put in their hearts to do, but also to help others do it as well. None of us are supposed to only do, and never equip. Are there ways your friend needs to see their opportunities to give away what they have? Do they need to be affirmed in what they already are, so that they have more confidence in passing it on to others? Whatever you see as an opportunity or challenge for your friend to do this, write it down, and share with them when you can.