Prayer Challenge Stories

On Sunday, February 26, in both the Upstairs Gathering and the Downstairs Gathering, we’ll be making space to hear stories of what’s happened throughout the David series and the Prayer Challenge.  Sharing what God has done, what you’re wrestling with, or other clarity that you’ve gained can be both encouraging for those who hear, but can also do something positive in the storyteller too.

We invite you to think and pray about the following questions.  Perhaps you might have a story to tell that would be a gift to the community…

  • What have you learned about your calling?

  • What do you see is your future wrestle in learning to live out your calling more fully?

If you’d rather not share publicly, why not write out your thoughts and send them in to the office… or print it and give it to one of the pastors on Sunday morning for them to read to the church.  Your story is valuable and we want to make it accessible for you to be heard.

Here’s a little encouraging note from Val Hutt regarding this work that we’ve been doing together, specifically for the past two Sunday mornings:

“The Lord loves us here as individuals and as a group; as a family, his people.  When we are gathered as we are today and doing this work he is greatly pleased.  He is greatly honour.  His power is unleashed – sent forth.  Not power as the world knows that steam rolls over all before it.  But his power that spreads wide and goes deep.  Calling all and filling all.  Amen!”