Woven Together: The Art of Textiles

Flatlanders Studio is proud to present Woven Together: The Art of Textiles, by Naila Janzen and Johanna Giebrecht. Woven Together is a celebration of art that can be found in everyday lives; from the items that are daily utilized to the relationships forged.

We find ourselves in a society that has devalued traditional crafts. We have lost the ability to see and appreciate the artistry of well crafted items. “We would like the world to see that just because a work of skill can be put to a purpose does not diminish its artistry.”

Two perspectives brought together by two friends. “As we share our lives together, and our love for our craft, the threads of our lives find overlapping themes and we are woven together.”

Nov. 3 – Dec. 30, 2017 in the Flatlanders Studio. Free Admission!

Community Art Gallery Initiative

This is an invitation to all artists of the WCV community. Beginning the month of May, Flatlanders Studio will have a continual Community Art Gallery rather than once per year. We would love to have our community artists take part and submit some of their art pieces to be displayed in the Flatlanders Art Space.

If you feel this is you, please fill out an art submission form! Or talk to Krista Heide or Vanessa Lewis for more details.