Woven Together: The Art of Textiles

Flatlanders Studio is proud to present Woven Together: The Art of Textiles, by Naila Janzen and Johanna Giebrecht. Woven Together is a celebration of art that can be found in everyday lives; from the items that are daily utilized to the relationships forged.

We find ourselves in a society that has devalued traditional crafts. We have lost the ability to see and appreciate the artistry of well crafted items. “We would like the world to see that just because a work of skill can be put to a purpose does not diminish its artistry.”

Two perspectives brought together by two friends. “As we share our lives together, and our love for our craft, the threads of our lives find overlapping themes and we are woven together.”

Nov. 3 – Dec. 30, 2017 in the Flatlanders Studio. Free Admission!

Flatlanders Studio Show: Selcouth

Flatlanders Studio is hosting a new art show Selcouth: A Look Into the Upbringing of Winnipeg’s Metal Musicians by Amy Lee Zinn.

Selcouth traces 20 individuals who are active members of the metal community at large in Winnipeg, representing many different sub-genres, roles, personalities and backgrounds, while still remaining just a small snapshot of the much larger metal family in our city. More than just contradicting stereotypes, Selcouth looks to explore the individual people who make up and help create the metal scene to which they belong, and discover who they are as a person, their journey into the scene, and what surprisingly common threads tie each person together in a “scary” subculture that relies on community, cooperation and support to keep itself together.

All profits will be donated to The Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts.

For more, see the Flatlanders Studio page.

Opening Reception:
Saturday 09 September | 7PM – 10PM

Nuit Blanche Venue:
Saturday 30 September | 7:00PM – 10PM

09 September 2017 – 22 October 2017

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday’s | 7pm – 4pm & Saturday’s | 1PM – 4PM

782 Main St, 3rd Floor
Free parking on site behind building

Adult – $5
Children – FREE (Under the age of 16)

Community Art Gallery Initiative

This is an invitation to all artists of the WCV community. Beginning the month of May, Flatlanders Studio will have a continual Community Art Gallery rather than once per year. We would love to have our community artists take part and submit some of their art pieces to be displayed in the Flatlanders Art Space.

If you feel this is you, please fill out an art submission form! Or talk to Krista Heide or Vanessa Lewis for more details.

Awake: Community Art Show

Hey Vineyard & Flatlander Artists,

This is the official first email about the annual Vineyard and Flatlanders community art show party, which is coming up Friday, March 6th.

Because the show is in spring this year, we came up with the name Awake. What’s interesting about this name is that I have begun to see this theme of awaken in our community in 2015. So if you need idea’s and a theme to get you thinking about what you can create for the show, maybe using “awake” as a spring (no pun intended) board might help you get inspired. But you don’t have to follow this theme, you can do whatever you feel drawn (no pun intended) too. And remember, kids art is most definitely welcome – we want to celebrate kids art and encourage their creative minds.

Title, Date & Time

The show is called Awake, and the opening show and party is Friday, March 6th, from 6:30pm – 9:30pm.

Let Me Know

Email me back if you want to be a part of this show. As usual have about three art pieces ready, with the understanding that there may only be room for you to put one or two pieces in the show so we can fit everyone in.

All Artistic Expressions Welcome

Let’s make this a party. This means we don’t just need art on the walls, we also want performers of all kinds. Musician’s and songwriters please feel fee to email me so we have live music. Dancers, videographers, poets, spoken word, crafters, etc, all feel welcome to join and include your art in this party which also wants to celebrate the performing arts.

Kids Art, Yes

As I already stated, but wanted to reiterate, kids art is more than welcome in this show. Isn’t it great to have kids art alongside everyone else’s art! I think the kids especially get a kick out of seeing their art included with “the big kids” – it makes them feel included and valued, and grown up, ha.

Food Makers

Maybe you don’t really make art but you like making food. Well making food is an art and we want to include you as well. Be a part of this show by sharing your enthusiasm for cooking by blessing us with a delectable treat for the opening party.

So What Do You Have To Do Again???

Email me back if you want to be in the show, this includes all artistic expression and food! And email me back even if you don’t want to be in the show so I don’t keep bothering you 🙂

Thanks for all of your efforts in advance – I’m excited to see what we can all create together.

Blair Barkley


Flatlanders Studio

3rd Floor, 782 Main St, WCV