Taking the Plunge – Baptism

Most of our faith journey is exactly that – a journey.  It is the path we walk as we follow Jesus.  The early Christians called it “the Way” because they recognized that the path of discipleship was a journey.  For most of us, growth happens gradually as we navigate
Baptism Paththe twists, turns, ups and downs of our lives.  There are, however, punctuated moments and critical junctures along this journey that can play a major role in determining the kind of path we are on and the kind of disciple we are.  These events can define our intentions and expose the state of our hearts.  Our current series on Peter is designed to explore some of the moments of discipleship Peter faced in his life.

Baptism is one of those moments.  One does not slowly become baptized.  It is a singular point in one’s history.  In fact it’s more than just a moment – it is an act of obedience to anyone who has decided to follow Jesus (often another moment).  Jesus, Paul and Peter all had significant things to say about baptism (Mark 16, Romans 6 & 1 Peter 3 respectively).  This sacrament which Jesus even participated in himself, is in God’s plans for every one of his children.  We explored some of the reasons for baptism and the symbolism behind it in the sermon a few weeks ago (here).  Participating in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection are the primary realities demonstrated through baptism.  Somehow we can access his post resurrection life now – it can become part of us.  This is possible only through his death (which we celebrate during the other primary Christian sacrament of Communion).  When we are brought up out of the water, we are cleansed and born into a new community, and are participating with Jesus in his new life!  This is why there is often a fresh sense of being filled with the Holy Spirit at the time of baptism.

Baptism LightWe are going to have a baptism on Sunday, June 15.  If the weather looks good, we’re going to haul the dunk tank out into the Green Space and celebrate together out there after the Sunday gatherings are finished.  There will also be a BBQ – yes we know it’s father’s day – but what better day to experience the Father’s love, just like Jesus did at his baptism, than on Father’s day?

If you’ve never been baptized and are a follower of Jesus, we invite you to consider it.  Call or contact the office if you’re interested and we’ll be in touch with you.