Celebration Sunday

Four times a year we set aside the whole Sunday morning to worship together.  One goal, one purpose – to simply gather and worship God together.  This coming Sunday is one of those times.  We want to explore being with God, together.  It’s one thing to worship on your own, but its a whole other deal to do it in community, with no agenda other than to give God glory.  Something good happens when we re-orient ourselves towards him and his purposes.  Sometimes this takes awhile.  Sometimes we need to sit and be still for a long time.  Sometimes we need a whole Sunday morning to begin to see God again.  When we open ourselves up to his loving initiative, we are changed.  When we see him, we can see ourselves and our world in new ways.

We always celebrate communion right in the middle of the morning together.  We also tend to have various stations that are designed to facilitate meeting with God in a variety of ways.

They are always great mornings and this one will be no different – but you never quite know what God has in store for us…  Come expecting to meet with him!