The Path: Our community rhythms

“Follow me!” (1), Jesus said. The disciples did follow and it changed everything. The early Christians followed as well – so much so that they became known as people of “the Way”. (2)

We at Winnipeg Centre Vineyard are on “the Way” too – the way of Jesus. We are following Jesus as closely as we can on the path he is leading us. This is more than just rich imagery for us. Both the destination and the journey are important. Following Jesus is the call to discipleship. It is about transformation in the way – on the way – of Jesus. This journey is about putting one foot in front of the other again and again, with others choosing to stay as close as possible to our guide. 

How do you join the path? How do you know you’re on it? What are the rhythms that are required to walk this path well? What does it look like in our context? These questions are why we’ve developed “The Path”.

Of course, like any journey, there are a few critical components that will make this journey successful. A Map keeps the traveller oriented. The right Gear makes the journey doable. Companions make the journey enjoyable.  

Map: These are events and activities that orient us to our purpose. Who are we? Where are we going? What’s our mission?  

 Gear: These are events and activities that equip us for the journey. They include opportunities for both training and serving. 

Companions: These are events and activities that provide opportunities for connection and deepening friendship. More than just having fun (although that’s always good too!) these times are critical to finding belonging and building a safe community.


1) Matt 4:19, Mark 10:21, Luke 14:27, John 10:27; 21:22, and so on.

2) First recorded in Acts 9:2 but also used in chapters 18, 19 & 24. 

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