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There are very few environments like the Society of Vineyard Scholars (SVS). Passionate, Spirit-filled, community minded followers of Jesus with distinctly Vineyard sensibilities gathering to discuss, dialogue, pray and worship with their whole hearts and their whole minds. I (Andy) have been going to the annual gathering for the past few years, and if I’m honest, have been stalking SVS since it began 10 year ago. 😉 Every interaction I’ve had, whether it has been downloading a paper from the SVS forum or going to an actual event, I always come away enriched and encouraged. What we think really does make a difference in how we live, and the SVS is a great place to think about God (do theology) in community.

My first year I was sitting next to a guy I had just met. We were chatting and then in mid conversation the tone shifted. I interrupted him and said, “wait a minute, are you giving me a word right now?!” In a distinctly Californian accent he said, “ya, that’s how we do it”, and continued to share with me three prophetic words that turned out to be very accurate and important in my life. At that same event I was further enriched by quality teaching, lively dialogue, creative expressions of worship and practical ideas to try out in WCV – I came away with a full heart and a full mind.

This coming year, the SVS gathering is within driving distance for us… it’s in Minneapolis. And, this year will be a special one because Carol Wimber will be interviewed in one of the plenary sessions. This is a rare opportunity to hear Carol as well as Bob and Penny Fulton, all pivotal people in the development of the Vineyard, reflect on the early history, identity and influences of our movement.

This conference is for academics, pastors and leaders… but it’s not just for people with lots of letters behind their name – it’s really for anyone who loves to think deeply – for anyone who loves to worship with their whole selves, including their minds! How about we go together?!

Here’s Caleb Maskell, one of the SVS founders:

Who should come?:


>>May 2 – 4, 2019

>>Minneapolis, MN.

>>Hosted at Mercy Vineyard


>>This year’s theme is The Coming of the Spirit and the Life of the Church.

If you are interested in going, let Andy know and we’ll see if we can caravan together!


More info on SVS here.

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