Connect This Fall

This season is one of re-connecting.  All sorts of things begin to ramp up again after the summer.  Here are a few of them:

  • Regular length services (10am – 11:45am) begin again on Sept 11.  Kid’s church will also begin on this day.
  • Community Life Sunday is Sept 18.  This is a Sunday during which we highlight a number of opportunities to connect in the Vineyard.  On this particular Sunday, we’ll also be praying for a number of new leaders.
  • Welcome Party is Sept 18.  These are for newcomers to the Vineyard and are a great opportunities to gather with a few leaders and other newcomers.  We gather right after the service for a light lunch together.  Contact the office to sign up.  Kids are welcome.
  • The Upstairs Gathering will resume on Sept 25.  We will be beginning the first number of Sundays with Prayer Ministry Training during the teaching time.
  • Connecting Classes start Sept 26.  These are a series of 4 classes (Sept 26, Oct 3, Oct 17, Oct 24) that explore WCV’s vision, values and Core Practices.  If you want to know more about WCV and if you’re looking for ways to connect, this is for you.  Contact the office to sign up.  7 – 9pm.
  • Volunteer – there are many ways to get involved and volunteer your time and energy this season.  Our Sunday gatherings are wonderful, but also need many hands.  Sound people, Projectionists, Kids leaders and helpers, Coffee, Greeters, Offering.  These are all great ways to build relationships and serve the community in meaningful ways.  Contact the office for more information on any of the above opportunities.
  • House Groups – there are a few new groups beginning this Fall.  House Groups are great ways to “do church” on a smaller scale.  Watch for details.
  • Outer Circle – our final gathering of 2016 will be Oct 15.

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