Himalayan Region Vineyard Travel Details

Will You Join Us?

We’re excited about taking a team of WCVers to India and Nepal – would you consider joining us?  John, Nathan and Andy are going and we’re hoping there will be more!  There will be a large gathering of people from all across the Himalayan Region, and others who have been involved in Nepal to celebrate and commission the Himalayan Region Vineyards as it’s own Association of Vineyard Churches.  More info on that here.  It’s an exciting opportunity to connect and contribute.

Below are some details that may help you decide if you should go or not.

Possible Itinerary:

  • Sun, Sept 24: Leave Winnipeg
  • Tues, Sept 26: Arrive in Siliguri, India
  • Wed, Sept 27, 3pm – Friday, Sept 29, evening: Conference in Siliguri, India.
  • Sat, Sept 30: Fly to Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Sat, Sept 30 – Tues, Oct 3: Visit Kathmandu Vineyard & Village churches (Kothgaon and/or Chhampi), see the sights of Kathmandu (temples, Thamel district, etc).
  • Wed, Oct 4: Leave Kathmandu
  • Thurs, Oct 5: Arrive in Winnipeg

NOTE: This itinerary is subject to change based on available flights and group interest in the Kathmandu portion of this trip.  It’s flexible and is meant to give you an idea of what we could do.



In Siliguri:

  • Visit Metanoia Vineyard.  Visit people living on the Riverbed and distribute hampers.
  • During the conference, there will be amazing cultural worship, international Vineyard leaders will be speaking, and there will be plenty of time to connect and party with people from all across the Himalayan Region.  There will also be great food and rice… lots of rice.

In Kathmandu:

  • Visit Kathmandu Vineyard.
  • Connect with our family there.
  • Visit outlying village churches (Kothgaon & Chhampi).
  • See some of the sights of Kathmandu (Thamel district, Pashupatinath, Durbar Square, etc).
  • See the recovery and rebuilding efforts.



In Siliguri:

  • The conference will be held at a conference centre and hotel.  All accommodations, meals and conference activities will be there.

In Kathmandu:

  • We will stay at a guesthouse (kind of like a cross between a bed and breakfast and hotel – Nepali style!)
  • We would be within walking distance (20 minutes) of Kathmandu Vineyard.


Planning Ahead:

  • You need to have a valid Passport that doesn’t expire within 6 months of travel.
  • Canadians need to apply for an Indian Visa ahead of time (you send your passport in to the Indian consulate and they issue a visa – this takes time).  Canadians can apply for a Nepali visa in the airport upon arrival.
  • Check with your physician or the travel health clinic regarding recommended immunizations.
  • India and Nepal are nearly 12 hours ahead of us.  This means that it takes a long time to get there and that jet-lag is a significant factor in recovery.  Plan for a few days of recovery when you return to Winnipeg (don’t go back to work right away).


Approximate Costs:

  • Wpg – KTM – Wpg Flights: $1,500 – $1,900 (fluctuates depending on options and routing)
  • KTM – Siliguri – KTM Flight: $300 – $400 (flights purchased from Nepal)
  • Accommodations & Food: $500
  • Incidentals: $100 (ground transportation, tourist fees, etc)
  • Visas: $200

Approximate Total: $2,600 – $3,100

NOTE: These costs are all approximate.  Fluctuations occur because of changes in flight schedules, exchange rates (some costs are always in USD), changes in itinerary, etc.  We will get more accurate numbers closer to when we purchase tickets.


Limited subsidies are available from WCV for this trip.  Exact amounts of each individual subsidy will be determined when we know how many people are interested in going.  If you require a subsidy, please indicate your interest as soon as possible.  We will determine exact subsidies after the deadline May 31, 2017.

>>Updated Subsidy application deadline: May 31, 2017. May 1, 2017.

Please contact the Office if you’re interested in this trip.