Himalayan Vineyard Churches Update

Greetings to all our friends and families.

This months we gathered at Dharay Gaon place for the opening service of our new Church place for the community. It was so wonderful to be part of this journey, which we had started some years ago. As I sat there worshiping with the people of that community I realized that they are our first generation believers learning to walk with Jesus. I am happy with our Sikkim leadership team and especially Pastor Mikma Lepcha and Pastor Silas Rai and their team for their continuous trusting God along with the local believers. We have a family now overseeing this church and soon we will release him to be a Pastor. 100% of the funds needed for the building came from local contribution, which shows that the value we had been planting is bearing fruit.

I personally was blessed by that moment to cut the ribbon and open the door welcoming the believers and the community people to worship Jesus in that new place.

We take this time to thank you and our partners for this wonderful moment in our life. Saying thank you is like reading Philippians chapter 4 and esp. verse 10 to 22. Blessings!

Our next story is about Gorkha Vineyard fellowship.

~Noel Isaacs