Ma’wa’chi’hi’to’tan – Journeying in a Good Way

The Journey Continues…

Ma’wa’chi’hi’to’tan is Plains Cree for “let us gather together.” The conversation and gathering continues this year and we hope you’ll consider being part of it. If you are indigenous, or you work directly with indigenous people this gathering is for you.

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Note: WCV is a partner in this event. The registration is handled by Inner City Youth Alive (the primary sponsor). However, any WCVers who want to attend and who need a registration subsidy can request one by contacting Vanessa by April 10. If you do this, you still must register with Inner City Youth Alive.

Plenary Sessions
▪ Casey Church (Potawatomi) – Contextualization: A Christian Indigenous Practitioner’s View
▪ Casey Church (Potawatomi) – All Tribes Gathering: How We Started a Contextual Ministry 22 Years Ago
▪ Terry LeBlanc (Mi’kmaq-Acadian) – The Old Testament of Indigenous Peoples
▪ Terry LeBlanc (Mi’kmaq-Acadian) – Culture and Conscience: A New Testament Perspective
▪ Shari Russell (Saulteaux) – Stepping into the Circle: Indigenous Leadership Principles

▪ Anita Keith (Algonquin/Mohawk) – Walking in my Moccasins: Indigenous Realities in 2018 in Canada
▪ Larry Wilson (Cree) – Blanket Exercise
▪ Casey Church (Potawatomi) – The “How To” of Contextualizing Rituals and Ceremonies
▪ Arlene Mason (Settler/Ally) – Addiction, Trauma, and Recovery in Community
▪ Howard Jolly (James Bay Cree) – Journeying with the Tension of Faith and Culture
▪ Shari Russell (Saulteaux) – Peace Together: Reconciling our Identity as Indigenous Followers of Jesus
▪ Terry LeBlanc (Mi’kmaq-Acadian) – Community as a Context for Healing: Asset-based Ministry

Friday, April 20, 8:30am – 9:00pm
▪ Welcome
▪ Plenary Session
▪ Workshops
▪ Lunch (provided)
▪ Plenary Session
▪ Workshops
▪ Supper (provided)

Saturday, April 21, 9:00am – 8:00pm
▪ Plenary Session
▪ Workshops
▪ Lunch (provided)
▪ Plenary Session
▪ Panel Discussion
▪ Feast (provided)

General Admission: $60
Food Voucher: $20 (includes 2 lunches & 2 dinners)

Jubilee Place, 173 Talbot Ave, Winnipeg, MB

Inner City Youth Alive

Winnipeg Centre Vineyard, North End Family Centre, First Nations Community Church

Indigenous Pathways

Questions? Contact Kristin (from Inner City Youth Alive):
(204) 582-8779