Rhythms of Rest: Jodi’s Sabbatical

We all need rest and rest always produces life. It’s a natural law that applies to us humans as much as any other living thing. This is especially obvious during this time of year when we see dormant trees slowly waking up after a long period of “rest”. When we notice the first tulips and prairie crocuses pushing their way through the freshly thawed soil we’re reminded not only of the beauty of new life but also the bulbs and various seeds that were “resting” in the ground before they germinated. We humans are the similar, and we can surmise from the Genesis narrative, so is God (who rested on the 7th day). We’re made to live in rhythms of work and sabbath.

With these rhythms in mind we want to let you know we’re sending Jodi on a sabbatical.  It’s not that she’s burned out. Rather we want to give her time and space for extended rest, refreshment and rejuvenation.  The intertwining of pastoral and personal life is a delicate mix and sabbaticals are a normal part of staying fresh in pastoral life.  Her sabbatical will be May – July. Because of the interweaving of family life, Mike will also be stepping away from volunteer responsibilities during this time.

Here are the relevant hand off details in case you need to know who’s covering for what responsibilities:

Sunday am:

  • Caterpillars (Nursery):  Christy Chan
  • Butterflies (2,3 &4 year olds):  Tania Martens
  • Dragonflies (Pre K & K):  Merv Scott
  • Elementary (Grade 1-4):  Gloria Fligg & Andy Arthur
  • Kid Check:  Janet Blatz & Andrew Chan
  • Youth (Grade 5-7):  Doug & Rachelle Houlbrook & Kristin Kennedy
  • Youth (Grade 8-12):  Jason Eheler

Sat evening:  

  • Club 56:  Jeff Leighton & Kristin Kennedy
  • Sat Junior High:  Brent & Steph Woelke & Ian & Jess Williams
  • Senior & Junior Events:  Jason Eheler


  • Senior High:  Jason Eheler & James Ryan
  • Project Timothy:  Jason Eheler

Summer video series:  Tania Martens