Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Group

One of our House Groups this year will be doing the Emotionally Health Spirituality course in October and November. If you missed it last Fall, perhaps this is a time you can participate in the life-changing concepts and practices explored in this course.

Check out these short stories of transformation:

Here’s an intro to the course:

If you are interested, please fill out the form on this post.

Emotional Allergies

This past Sunday, Krista Heide shared about “How to Love Well”, based off of our Emotionally Healthy Spirituality series. (To listen to that sermon, click here). As an opportunity to go deeper, she also created a helpful handout from Pete Scazzero’s book on ‘Emotionally Healthy Spirituality’ that speaks about “Emotional Allergies”.

Emotional allergies are strong reactions we can have to “something in the present, that remind us, consciously or unconsciously, of an event from our history” (Pete Scazzero). To read the excerpt from Chapter 7, click the link below: