The Lord Is Coming – A poem by Brent Woelke

Where is the Lord?

And where can He be found?

The children and wise seek Him together.

Let them search the secret places

And hear in wonder the ancient texts.


They do not know that the Lord is coming,

And has already come.


If God is in heaven,

How shall we reach Him?

If God is on earth,

Let Him display His works,

So that we may discern if He is good and worthy of praise.

Let Him stand before us,

So that we may measure Him with our eyes.


Have they not heard that the Lord is coming,

And has already come.


See how the children gather to Him,

The poor and broken gather at His feet.

For His kingdom is made of such as these,


His glorious kingdom that is coming,

His kingdom come and without out end.


Is there hope among the ashes?

How long must we suffer?

Where is God in the darkness?

And how will the blind see their king?


For the coming light is warm on their faces.


The wicked flee in terror before it,

For it has exposed their sins.


The light is coming,

and the proud are humbled

The light has come,

and the humble acknowledge their sin.


Let the children dance in the light,


He has come.


by Brent Woelke



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