Humble King – Royalty meets Humility

We are now into the season of Advent – the beginning of the Christian calendar. This year we are going to be exploring humility in Jesus’ incarnation. The astounding wonder that God chose to reveal himself as a baby, a working class carpenter, a Saviour who washed his disciple’s feet, as the Lord who was obedient, even obedient to death on a cross… this is an amazing picture of humility. The Almighty God becoming an all-vulnerable human.

We will be centring our reading in the ancient hymn in Philippians 2:1-11. We encourage you to stew in it each week (we will help you with this because we’ll be praying it together each Sunday). We’ve also provided a booklet to help you follow along – just a little gift to you in this season. Also, we’d like to encourage you to invite a friend to church during this season! Perhaps they too, can encounter this astounding humble king who changes everything.

>>Get your gift booklet and follow along.

They’re available at the Info table.

>>December 2: The Humble King of Hope

>>December 9: The Humble King of Peace

David and Anita Ruis (Vineyard Canada National Directors, and WCV Founding pastors) will be with us.

>>December 16: The Humble King of Joy

Our Kids and Youth will be leading the service and we will have our annual WCV Community Feast after the service.

>> December 23: The Humble King of Love

>> December 24:  The Humble King of Heaven – Christmas Eve service (6pm – 7pm)

>> December 30: Living In Humility, Living In Christ

>> January 6: Celebration Service