Nepal Recovery – Be Strong, Build Strong

Jeff Leighton and I recently had the privilege to travel to Nepal to be with our Himalayan Region Vineyard family.  The purpose of my trip was twofold: 1) to report on the earthquake recovery and rebuilding efforts, and 2) to be together and celebrate God’s goodness and presence in a conference right at the epicentre of the first earthquake.

Here are two videos, that are well worth the watch.

The Himalayan Region Vineyards are just getting to the finishing stages of the main rebuilding and recovery effort.  The team has been tireless and has done an amazing job at responding to needs in appropriate ways.  It’s quite amazing what’s been accomplished in the past 18 months.  This video gives a brief overview of the work (also detailed below) and offers four 2 minute stories of recovery.

The village of Nareshwahr, in the District of Gorkha was host to two big events in the past 18 months – it was the epicentre of the first earthquake and it was the host to 500 guests from across the Himalayan Region Vineyards who converged to celebrate God’s goodness, and look to the future together.  It was a significant undertaking, many people travelling days and spending up to one month’s salary just to get there – just to be together.  It was also a significant in that it marked the end of the recovery phase right at the earthquake’s epicentre.  Mountains were moved once more.  You’ll get an inside look at some of the sights and sounds of our powerful time together in this video:


An overview of the Relief, Recovery and Rebuilding efforts since April 2015:

424 Homes Built or Subsidized.

  • 54 – Provided 100% material & construction.
  • 40 – Provided 100% of materials.
  • 150 – Subsidized 25 – 50% of materials.
  • 180 – Subsidized 5 – 15% of materials.
  • Subsidies were determined based on need.

Over 217 lots cleared

  • Cleared of rubble in preparation for rebuilding.

9 Church Buildings Constructed.

  • 2 other church buildings subsidized (providing building materials the congregation couldn’t afford – non-Vineyard friend communities).

Started or Upgraded 36 Businesses 

  • For the urban poor in Kathmandu.  This was the creative response to the housing crisis in central Kathmandu where there are no affordable safe houses.  These businesses will increase the capacity of our people there to secure more affordable housing for themselves.

Bikka Land Purchased

  • 11 families in a high mountain village now have land who were previously squatting on government land.  They are low caste, and didn’t have anywhere to rebuild their homes.

Kids Helping Kids

  • Completed one Children’s Playground, one more is planned.
  • Funded by some Canadian Vineyard Kids!


  • Recently, distributed over 217 sleeping bags.  
  • Throughout the past 18 months over 7,400 rice bags delivered.  
  • 360 Tarps, 50 tents, 60 pots, pans and various and sundries numbering in the 100’s.
  • 600 Blankets.


  • Health and hygiene packets have been designed, packaged and delivered all over the region. Special attention has been given to packages designed specifically for women.
  • 5 medical outreaches including minor operations and treatment of illness’ to over 2,000 people.
  • 19 People provided with hospital care.

Road Built

  • 5 km (3 mile) road built to the epicentre village where we have a church.

Pastoral Care

  • Trauma counselling has been a huge part of the pastoral work across the region.  Our team has been nothing short of amazing in the amount of care and healing they have brought to body, soul, mind and spirit.  The toll on our care givers has been great, but the fruit is overwhelming.

Gathered 500 people from all over the Himalayas to celebrate the goodness of God at the Gorkha conference.

Over 35% of all funds used to date have gone to families and people outside of our church communities – to our “neighbours”.

44 People have been baptized in the earthquake zone.

Over 21,000 people impacted through the HRV efforts in over 30 Villages in 12 Districts.


There is one more major need – rebuilding the condemned buildings of the Kathmandu Vineyard – the main hub for the Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches.  Demolition will begin in January.  Stay tuned for more information and opportunities to be involved.