Some Updates to CarePortal

Dear WCV,

We are thrilled to announce that WCV has officially launched CarePortal!  Within one week we had 9 people join our response team. We would love for you to join as well! 

CarePortal is a platform that identifies the needs and mobilizes the church.  73 children in Winnipeg have been served already since November 2019.  There are currently 13 other churches in Winnipeg that have joined CarePortal. 

Our biblical roots can show our resilient faith, radical hospitality and outrageous generosity. We officially responded to one request so far. 

If you can respond to this following request please let Lillian know.

  • Single mattress for a four-year old girl
  • Single mattress for a nine-year old girl

Description of the need: A single mom with two girls, ages 4 and 9, does not have a strong network of people in her life. Recently concerns have come up with respect to the girls sleeping arrangements. Once looked into it was discovered that the girls would benefit from having new mattresses. The mother has limited resources, hence this request. Here at WCV we are committed to serving the most vulnerable. As things change in our world we can serve in an even greater capacity. To hear about the needs we’re working to meet, please join our CarePortal Response Team by taking 30 seconds to fill out a simple form here.

Once you are on our Response Team you will receive emails with current needs both from within our own community and from child-serving professionals. When you receive an email you have the opportunity to pray and to respond to the need. Simply click the button in the email and let us know how you can help! If you or someone you know has a need, you can submit it to Lillian Poetker or if you are on the CarePortal Response Team you can submit the need through our church landing page.

~ Lillian Poetker