Raw Conversation: Racism, Reconciliation & the Church

This is a raw and honest conversation about racism and the church that Sherry, Niels and I (Andy) had recently. It touches on personal experiences of racism, thoughts on the recent events sparked by George Floyd’s murder, perspectives on the Canadian experience, systemic racism as well as opportunities for the church in the midst of it all. ReconciliACTION, racial diversity via the Good Samaritan and the question the Spirit is asking the church through the statement “I can’t breathe” are all featured… and Sherry shares part of an amazing poem she wrote!

The purpose of “Raw Conversations” is to create space for dialogue and a platform to listen. They are by no means conclusive nor comprehensive. Rather, they are intended to spur dialogue, thought, prayer and informed action.

Living Well Together

Last year a number of people in our community participated in a sharing circle and art project entitled Living Well Together.  It explored issues of decolonization and racism.  They’d like to do it again this year, but need some financial support.  Here is a flyer describing the event.  Perhaps you’d consider offering a pledge in support of this worthwhile initiative (tax receipt-able through WCV).  It’s especially salient given the recent attention Winnipeg has gotten regarding racism.