Serving Opportunities

Looking to serve? We are excited to start kids church in the fall but we are in need of leaders who are willing to love on our kids. Contact Jodi if you can be on a rotation to serve our younger ones.

Want to paint? Some of our kid’s church rooms are in need of some paint touch ups. Contact Jodi if you have experience in painting and have a few hours to serve in this way. Also a huge thank-you to the Miles Mac Key Club for a beautiful job of painting the Dragonflies room. Thanks to Joseph for organizing this!

Looking to help in a practical way? We are looking for a couple of servants who would be willing to clean our toys in three large areas of kids church. Contact Jodi if you have a few hours to serve in this way.

Doing the Dishes

Every family, every household; even every person who eats on a regular basis, produces dirty dishes.  Part of being a well functioning family or household means that those dishes get done.  Someone always has to take care of the domestic chores.  When I was young, I had to be reminded to “clean up after yourself!”.  Now I find myself encouraging the younger ones in my household with that same sentiment.

Dirty DishesIf we think of the church as a family (John 1, 1 John 3), there are certain “domestic chores” that must be done.  Certainly, there are many ways to serve others in our daily lives, and we pray that everyone who is part of the WCV family can find ways to do that.  There are also many opportunities when we’re gathered together on Sundays.  In fact, our gatherings only happen because there are a wide variety of people giving of themselves to serve the community.  These are all acts of worship, and they’re beautiful.  Thanks!

We want to give everyone the opportunity to find somewhere to serve the gathered community on Sunday mornings.  From greeting and making coffee, to doing sound, projection, communion prep and lighting candles.  There are many areas that need someone to “do the dishes”.  If you’re interested, please see the service opportunity sheet we will make available this Sunday.  On it you can indicate what you’re interested in helping out with.  Thanks!