Workshop #2: The Peaceful Way of Life – with guest psychologist Sarah Juchnowski

We are hosting a workshop designed to help us understand the effects of stress and the importance of self-care in difficult seasons of our lives. We will learn about how the brain responds to life’s challenging situations and some practical self-care strategies to combat stress and negativity. The overall goal is to promote wellness.

We’re bringing in Sarah Juchnowski to facilitate this event. Sarah is a psychologist with St. James Assiniboia School Division. Her passion is working with children and families and sharing her knowledge about the brain and mental health in an accessible and practical ways. She comes to us with experience in dealing with stress, anxiety and negative thinking. With a deeper understanding of how stress affects us we can empower change towards a more healthy and peaceful way of life.

Tuesday, Feb 25, 7-9pm

782 Main St.

Anyone is welcome.

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Workshop #1: Understanding Trauma Responses & Establishing Healthy Boundaries – with guest Jaymie Friesen

We are hosting a workshop designed to help us understand our responses to traumatic events and how to establish good boundaries in traumatic relationships. Understanding our own and other people’s responses and the way they deal with difficult news or situations as well as learning what appropriate boundaries might be are two topics that will be covered in this evening workshop.

We’re bringing in Jaymie Friesen from MCC to facilitate this event. Jaymie is the Abuse Response and Prevention Coordinator for MCC in Manitoba and comes to us with experience in helping churches and communities deal with the impacts of betrayal of trust, sexual misconduct and other similar topics. You can read her bio here.

Wed, Feb 5, 7-9pm

782 Main St.

Anyone is welcome.

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Immanuel Prayer Training & Workshop

“For the broken places in our lives . . . ”

One of the consequences of living in a broken world is that we experience emotional pain. That pain often results in an emotional wound. An emotional wound, just like a physical wound, needs to heal or it has life-long consequences.

Immanuel Prayer is a model for inner healing ministry that revisits the places of emotional pain and wounding in our lives. Jesus knows where those areas of our lives are and faithfully and lovingly visits them with us, speaking healing words of truth and grace. This model of inner healing prayer is based on the meaning of Immanuel: God with Us. Jesus was there in the most painful moments of our lives whether we were aware of his presence or not. Immanuel Prayer is ministry to the unresolved emotional pain we carry with us.

The more whole we are, the more room there is for others in us. The more whole we are, the more capacity we have to love.

We will be hosting an Immanuel Prayer Training and Workshop with Danny Mullins.

Saturday, June 9th | 782 Main Street | 9:00am-4:00pm | $25 per person or $40 per couple

There are a limited number of subsidies available upon request. Please contact the office for payment and registration here.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me… He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,”  Is. 61:1-2