How to Help – CarePortal

Here is a personal message and invitation to join CarePortal from Lillian Poetker:

Dear WCV,

I am sure many of you are inundated with emails, especially families with school age children. Although, I know many of you are wondering “How can we help in a unprecedented time like now?” Joining a response team from Winnipeg Centre Vineyard with CarePortal is one way we can respond. We can meet needs in our community around WCV, and also in our own church community. This might be overwhelming for you (and sometimes the thought of it overwhelms me). But it does not have to be.

To launch CarePortal we are looking for at least 5 people to join our response team. Please note the link below to respond to fill out the form. Once we have the 5 people we will officially launch and will be able to use CarePortal to respond to needs! There are amazing stories out there how families, singles & professionals have been blessed by the churches that have joined CarePortal. (See a testimonial).

Here at WCV we are committed to serving the most vulnerable. As things change in our world we can serve in an even greater capacity. To hear about the needs we’re working to meet, please join our CarePortal Response Team by taking 30 seconds to fill out a simple form here.

Once you are on our Response Team you will receive emails with current needs both from within our own community and from child-serving professionals. When you receive an email you have the opportunity to pray and to respond to the need. Simply click the button in the email and let us know how you can help! If you or someone you know has a need, you can submit it through our church landing page or by contacting Andy Wood or Lillian Poetker.
~ Lillian Poetker

Getting Ready for Part 3 – Hot Buttons

Now that we’re in the New Year we’re going to be entering the third part of our series “Fixed on Jesus: how to hold the centre in an age of diversity”. Having rooted ourselves firmly in the centre (part 1), and having explored a model for how to love well, GYVE (part 2), we are now going to practice what we’ve been talking about. In order to do that, we invited your input. As you might imagine, we gathered a whole list of “Hot Button” issues of diversity that you felt the church needs to address. For those of you who participated in this survey, thanks! We had a lot of thoughtful responses! We have done some categorizing and have come up with what we feel will be good issues for us to explore in the next two months. We did exercise some editorial control (for example, “unkempt hipster beards” will not be discussed! – thanks for that – you know who you are even if nobody else does!).

For each of the Hot Button topics we will have one Sunday morning in which we will explore the various perspectives on the subject. These will not be times to take a position as a church – that’s not the point. Rather, the point is to learn.

Then we have scheduled a few Sunday evenings to demonstrate what doing GYVE looks like with each of these Hot Button topics. We will have a few brave people model the process for us. Again, the point isn’t to argue positions. Rather, we are attempting to create a safe place to hear each other, and hear the stories, values and experiences underneath the various perspectives. This is a sacred and holy event.


If you haven’t already gotten a handle on GYVE, we highly encourage you to do so. Also, please continue to pray for the church in this season. It will bring up many emotions. God will meet us – the Holy Spirit has been guiding us and will continue to do so. Still we say, “Lord have mercy!”


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