“Kids Klip” – Jesus Invites Us All

Hey WCV Kids – here is another “klip” for you! In this video Dynel Davidson tells the story of John 6 where Jesus feeds 5,000 people.

Parents, make sure you’re receiving emails from Dynel! If you want to be added to the list, contact her at kids(at)wcvchurch.ca.

Jesus Invites Us All – Story of John 6

“Kids Klip” – the Story of John 13

Hey WCV Kids – here is another “klip” for you! In this video Dynel Davidson tells the story of John 13 where Jesus washes His disciples’ feet.

Parents, make sure you’re receiving emails from Dynel with resources and ideas. You can contact her at kids(at)wcvchurch.ca if you want to be added to the list.

How to Help – CarePortal

Here is a personal message and invitation to join CarePortal from Lillian Poetker:

Dear WCV,

I am sure many of you are inundated with emails, especially families with school age children. Although, I know many of you are wondering “How can we help in a unprecedented time like now?” Joining a response team from Winnipeg Centre Vineyard with CarePortal is one way we can respond. We can meet needs in our community around WCV, and also in our own church community. This might be overwhelming for you (and sometimes the thought of it overwhelms me). But it does not have to be.

To launch CarePortal we are looking for at least 5 people to join our response team. Please note the link below to respond to fill out the form. Once we have the 5 people we will officially launch and will be able to use CarePortal to respond to needs! There are amazing stories out there how families, singles & professionals have been blessed by the churches that have joined CarePortal. (See a testimonial).

Here at WCV we are committed to serving the most vulnerable. As things change in our world we can serve in an even greater capacity. To hear about the needs we’re working to meet, please join our CarePortal Response Team by taking 30 seconds to fill out a simple form here.

Once you are on our Response Team you will receive emails with current needs both from within our own community and from child-serving professionals. When you receive an email you have the opportunity to pray and to respond to the need. Simply click the button in the email and let us know how you can help! If you or someone you know has a need, you can submit it through our church landing page or by contacting Andy Wood or Lillian Poetker.
~ Lillian Poetker

CarePortal Vision

CarePortal is an online platform specifically designed to connect real-time needs of children and families with local partnering churches. Congregation members & community are promptly able to respond relationally to local needs through the local church.

God is using the church to have a direct impact on Child Welfare! Please take a look at the 2-minute testimonial video about CarePortal and the impact they are having on lives in our community.

We will be launching CarePortal in our own church very soon! We will host an interest lunch after Sunday morning service in the coming weeks. Please stay posted for more details!

A Light Unto My Path

Here is a special message from Gloria Fligg summarizing the fall session of Kid’s Church:

“For the past two months, we’ve had lots of fun upstairs in Kids’ Church! We learned about lighthouses and how they illuminate our path, and keep us from danger. We compared God’s word to a lighthouse, and learned the verse, “Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Ps. 119:105). We also talked about how God’s word is like a double-edged sword, and we heard about the Bible story of Samuel and how he heard God speak to him, even as a very young boy.

“This is truly an amazing group of children; I have so enjoyed working with them.”

The adventures continued with our “Roaming through Romans” lessons and the accompanying centres (at each one, the children learned about a different concept found in Romans). Last Sunday, we also spoke about the life of Paul (the author of Romans), and how Jesus radically changed his life. We will wrap up our fall with a fun lesson about how even though it can be scary to “let go” and trust God, our lives will always be rewarded when we do. Stay tuned for a fun object lesson involving apples and some delicious apple crisp. Every week, we also participated in praise and worship, learned Bible verses, and did lots of art projects. This is truly an amazing group of children; I have so enjoyed working with them. Thanks so much to all the leaders and helpers too. Kids’ Church wouldn’t be possible without all of you!”  -Gloria Fligg

Next Sunday Gifts4God will begin. Leaders are in place and our elementary kids are looking forward to the fun. There is so much joy that comes as we nurture and explore the gifts inside of us. This is what Gifts4God is all about! Over the next six weeks our kids will participate in cooking, sports, arts & crafts, dance, drama and comic art. A very big “thank you” to everyone who has come alongside the Kids’ Church ministry to help make this happen!

Kids Church at WCV

We are excited for this season of Kids Church at WCV. As we prepare, there are a few things we want you to know.

Leaders are in place and ready to come alongside our children and youth to be a positive presence and a source of love and encouragement in their lives. One important aspect of WCV’s Generations Ministry is the safety of all children in our care. Our Plan to Protect policy helps to insure that WCV is a safe place. Kid Check is an important part of this. As has always been the case, it is mandatory that every minor (age 18 and under), every guardian and every Generations Ministry worker is registered through Kid Check and wears their name tag every Sunday. There are no exceptions to this rule. We love the young people God has entrusted to us and we want to do everything we can to make sure they know that they are safe with us so they can be free to learn and grow into all God has for them. Please help us by being responsible in this way as Kids Church resumes this fall.

We also want to highlight a few changes this year. Our “Jouth” (Jr. Youth, Grades 5-6) will meet every Sunday  in the youth room. Our Youth (Grades 7-12) will be meeting every other Sunday. When there is no youth they are welcome and encouraged to remain in the service.

Lastly, we are still in need of leaders who will step up in different areas including Kid Check, Gifts4God and Pre-School leaders. If you can help please contact Jodi Labun.

Welcome back, everyone! We look forward to having you with us.